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Key ForgingPGH milestones

  • SEPTEMBER 2020
    ForgingPGH kick-off event, release of Conditions & Trends Report, and announcement of website
  • JUNE 2021
    Open houses for scenario selection
  • SEPTEMBER 2021
    Refinement of preferred scenario
  • DECEMBER 2021
    Public presentation and open house of ForgingPGH Comprehensive Plan
  • JAN-MAR 2022
    ForgingPGH adoption by City Planning Commission and City Council resolution
  • SPRING 2022
    ForgingPGH implementation begins

Forging the Comprehensive Plan

Pittsburgh is a city on the rise. We have shaken off our rust belt past, and new industries like technology and healthcare are building our future. But not every community is benefitting, especially those who are still suffering the burden of decades of institutionalized oppression. The leaders who planned Pittsburgh’s mid-20th century revival provided the City with many civic assets but in the process destroyed some neighborhoods and displaced communities.

Planning for the 21st century must be different. To accomplish that, the City of Pittsburgh has started to create the ForgingPGH Comprehensive Plan, which will not only strengthen the City as a whole but will bring more equity to marginalized groups and neighborhoods.

The Conditions and Trends Report Summarizes Where We Are

To prepare for the development of the Comprehensive Plan, the City of Pittsburgh commissioned a Conditions and Trends Report, which describes how the events of the past shaped Pittsburgh in four key areas—People, Planet, Place, and Performance. As part of this report effort, we’ve collected a significant amount of data about the factors that will shape our future and shared it in an interactive tool. The Data Visualization Tool summarizes some of the report data as well as data from other sources. Both of these resources will be used in the creation of the ForgingPGH Comprehensive Plan.

Learn more about the Conditions and Trends Report

Building the Comprehensive Plan Starts with Building Scenarios

Building the plan will be a year-and-a-half-long process, and in order for the plan to benefit all Pittsburghers, input must come from all Pittsburghers. With this in mind, part of the plan’s development process is focused on gathering input through online scenario-planning workshops on Engage PGH, the City’s online community engagement portal. In these workshops, participants will share ideas and discuss different scenarios for the future of Pittsburgh. Everyone who lives and works in Pittsburgh is encouraged to participate on Engage PGH. Feedback from the workshops will lead to a scenario selection process via Open Houses, in-person or virtual as COVID-19 allows. As the plan progresses, we will share opportunities to learn and hear about the Comprehensive Plan. We encourage you to check back to this site often, join our mailing list on Engage PGH, and participate in upcoming events.

Looking up from the center lines of a sun-filled Pittsburgh bridge
Creating scenarios helps test ideas for Pittsburgh's future. (10th Street Bridge Ground, image: Willie Fineberg)

This process will develop a plan for and by the people of Pittsburgh.

—Andrew Dash, Director of City Planning


A look at land use

ForgingPGH is the first comprehensive look at land use in the City of Pittsburgh. This process will develop a plan for and by the people of Pittsburgh toward future growth for our City that is equitable and beneficial for all.

Gateway Plaza and the Gateway T Station
Some neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have experienced more growth and investment than others.

Building a strong and equitable future

Understanding where we stand today is a key to building a strong and equitable future for Pittsburgh. The Conditions and Trends Report is an in-depth look at the conditions and trends that have shaped our past and present. It serves as a resource to be used in building the Comprehensive Plan.

Explore the Conditions and Trends Report

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