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Explore Key Factors Affecting Your Neighborhood

The City of Pittsburgh collected data from the past and present, put it into a database, and shared it through an interactive mapping tool. The data comes from many sources and organizations, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Census, Port Authority, Allegheny County Tax Assessor, City of Pittsburgh and consultant databases. 

The easy-to-use data visualization tool enables people to look at information from both a neighborhood-specific and citywide point-of-view. Use the dropdown menu below to select the neighborhood you wish to explore and see key data points for that specific neighborhood, including population, jobs, debt burden and more. You can also view citywide data from each neighborhood, or through the “See citywide data” link below. This data visualization tool will be used as an important resource by those who create the comprehensive plan.

View citywide data on key factors

Use the tool to toggle on/off various factors, such as population, jobs, and debt burden, which are strongly related to the City’s ability to drive growth in the future and to create a more equitable community. You can also use the tool to zoom into a specific neighborhood you wish to explore or use the Neighborhood Selector tool above. 

See citywide data

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