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Forging the roadmap for our future.

A comprehensive plan is a roadmap to point us toward a shared vision. It is a standard planning tool that cities use to guide future investment and development. Using input from the people who live, work, and play here, ForgingPGH will be our shared vision for land use, housing, mobility, infrastructure, recreation, and more.

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Download the full Conditions and Trends Report now.

This report was developed to inform the creation of the ForgingPGH Comprehensive Plan.

Building a strong and equitable future

Understanding where we stand today is key to building a strong and equitable future for Pittsburgh. We have commissioned an in-depth look at the conditions and trends that have shaped our past and present. The data in the report will be used by those who participate in the creation of ForgingPGH. The data will help them understand factors affecting the City now as they create a vision for the City’s future.

Learn about the Conditions and Trends Report

Fort Duquesne Bridge
Pittsburgh is at a crossroads. (Duquesne Bridge, image: Vidar Nordi-Mathesin)

With our people and our planet at its center, ForgingPGH guides planning and development for the City of Pittsburgh through a shared vision for the future. This community-driven plan, with equity at its foundation, will continue to make Pittsburgh a place for all.

—William Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh

Get involved and make your voice heard.

The ForgingPGH Comprehensive Plan needs your input. Developing a strong vision for the future depends on getting input from as many people as possible. There are a number of opportunities to get involved and share your vision.

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People of all backgrounds walking the streets of downtown Pittsburgh.
A strong comprehensive plan depends on getting the perspective of many different Pittsburghers.

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Explore factors affecting your neighborhood.

The City of Pittsburgh has provided a number of resources that will provide context to and support the development of the comprehensive plan. One of the resources, the Data Visualization Tool, is an interactive mapping tool that enables you to drill down into vital information about every neighborhood in the City.

Drone view of a Pittsburgh church and neighborhood
Every Pittsburgh neighborhood is unique.