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About ForgingPGH

ForgingPGH is a data- and community-driven comprehensive plan that will guide growth and development for the City of Pittsburgh over the next 20 years or longer. It integrates previous planning efforts and scenario planning around the p4 Framework of People, Planet, Place, and Performance. ForgingPGH focuses on the key elements of recreation and open space, housing, mobility, and economic development to create a forward-thinking land use plan that equitably meets the needs of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods.

About Scenario Planning

ForgingPGH will use scenario planning to develop a shared vision for Pittsburgh’s future. Scenario planning gives communities a way to assess where the path they’re following leads, how it intersects with emerging trends, and changes they may consider to cope with and perhaps benefit from those changes. 

Scenarios are not plans or forecasts  instead, they are a tool for testing “what if…” and to spark meaningful discussion about our collective future.

Scenario planning is a community-driven approach that can reveal key trade-offs, limits, and possibilities. Using cutting-edge software, it can provide useful information to make hard   but important   decisions. Most importantly, scenario planning will provide the public with opportunities to share input and guide the outcomes of ForgingPGH.

About p4

p4 is a model based on a central, unifying framework–People, Planet, Place, and Performance—that was launched at an international summit in Pittsburgh in 2015. The City of Pittsburgh and The Heinz Endowments collaborated on the creation of p4 to forge a new model of urban growth and development that is innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.

Project Team

Andrew Dash, Director of City Planning

Anthony Kobak, Project Manager and Senior Neighborhood Planner

Stephanie Joy Everett, Senior Neighborhood Planner

Martina Battistone, Senior Environmental Planner

Dara Braitman, Principal Transportation Planner

Christopher Corbett, Neighborhood Planner

Hillary Roman, ADA Coordinator

Sarah Yeager, Energy and Climate Planner

Alex Holmes, Communications Specialist


Cascadia Partners 

ThoughtForm, Inc. 

MonWin Consulting 


Bright Thought, LLC

Key Contacts for Media, Planners, Partners, and the Community

If you have questions or comments, please reach out.

Project Manager

Anthony Kobak

Senior Planner, Department of City Planning
Media Contact

Alex Holmes

Communications Specialist, Department of City Planning
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